At North Metro Litigators, we can assist in helping clients with parental and legitimation issues. When it comes to Georgia paternity and legitimation, a judge will need to set up paternity or legitimize a child so that you can receive visitation rights or child support. An Alpharetta paternity lawyer at our firm will assist you step-by-step in order to protect your parental rights.

Establishing Paternity

Depending on the circumstances, there are multiple ways that paternity can be legally established. For instance, if you are a mother, you may be required to present the court with dna test results to establish a child’s paternity. In contrast, a father may identify himself as the father simply by signing the appropriate documents.

From the opposite end of the spectrum, a mother may want to establish paternity to ensure that the father of her child shares the responsibility of supporting their child. In most cases, the purpose of this is for the mother to obtain child support, but other times, the father may need visitation rights to aid in the development of the child.

Whatever the reason, Hait & Kuhn can help you establish paternity by walking you through the entire process.

Child Legitimation

In legitimation cases, fathers seek to establish that a child is their own. Typically, this involves more than simply putting their name on the child’s birth certificate or sharing a surname with the child.

Legally legitimizing you child will ensure that your child receives social security benefits and that your child can receive their proper inheritance. You must also legitimize your child to receive child custody and visitation rights.

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