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The end of a marriage can be the start of a new chapter in your life’s story. But that doesn’t mean turning the page is easy. Divorce is perhaps the most emotionally taxing, financially difficult, and practically challenging event you will ever experience. Sadness, anger, guilt, and loss are just a few of the feelings that can overwhelm even the strongest person when years or decades of marriage come to an end. For these reasons, it is imperative that families turn to an experienced team of Woodstock divorce lawyers.

Questions and uncertainty abound as you try to understand how the process works, what your options are and what your new life will look like. And if you are a parent, your concerns about your child’s well-being only add to the volatile mix. It is not a process you can or should face alone.

North Metro Litigators understand how hard this time is in your life, and know that it can be frustrating, scary and fraught with complicated emotions. We combine legal skill, strategic advocacy, and compassionate counsel to help our clients navigate their divorce journey and provide them with the clarity and peace of mind that can set the foundation for a new, secure and happier life. Our offices are conveniently located in Alpharetta and Woodstock.

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Helping Families in Georgia to Minimize Conflict During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings almost always begin with conflict. The disagreements and arguments that were a cause or symptom of a marriage’s disintegration can and often do continue once divorce papers are filed. In fact, divorce can bring out the worst in otherwise good people and cause them to act in ways that are counterproductive or destructive.

Knowing that ongoing conflict only increases the emotional and financial costs of divorce for both spouses and their children, we endeavor to minimize disputes and reach fair and equitable resolutions to the extent possible. Our Woodstock divorce attorneys look for creative and practical solutions and use well-honed negotiating skills to obtain results that are the most advantageous for our clients.

Of course, not all disputes can be avoided and not all issues can be resolved through civil discussions. When a spouse or opposing counsel act in ways that threaten our client’s rights or well-being, or if they are taking positions that are unfair or unreasonable, we take a strong and aggressive approach. Our attorneys know what is at stake in a divorce and fiercely protect our clients at every turn.

Affordable and Superior Divorce Representation with Our Woodstock Divorce Lawyers

The financial costs of divorce are significant enough without exorbitant attorney’s fees added to the mix. We believe that all individuals facing divorce in Georgia should have access to the highest quality representation. That is why we offer free initial consultations and work closely with clients to establish fee structures that help make that happen.

All clients have the option of hiring us on retainer or for a flat fee. Uncontested divorce cases, divorce proceedings that involve both parties agreeing to the terms of the marriage dissolution settlement or modification of terms – start at just $500. Flexible payment plans, such as installment plans are available to those who need them. Our goal is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable cost.

Divorce Attorneys Offering Personalized Divorce Counsel

Divorce is not simply a matter of two people no longer being married. The challenges of transforming shared lives into two separate ones involve a wide range of issues, all of which need to be resolved before a final divorce decree is entered. For couples with high net worth and complicated asset portfolios, or for those with other atypical circumstances, this can be particularly challenging. But even couples with modest assets or no children can experience rough seas rather than smooth sailing through their divorce proceedings.

In Georgia, divorces are resolved in two primary ways: through an uncontested divorce or through a contested divorce.

North Metro Litigators’ divorce attorneys fight tirelessly in contested divorce proceedings while always looking for available opportunities to resolve issues before trial, whether through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods.

Divorce mediation is a great option when there is a lot of conflict involved between two parties who are in the process of divorce. Our skilled Woodstock divorce lawyers will help both parties reach divorce terms upon which they can both agree. This can help both parties to preserve a sense of integrity and self-respect.

Divorce mediation can also help ensure that both parties survive the divorce with as little stress and headache as possible. The mediator remains an objective third party for both people in the divorce, and both people can express and acknowledge their emotions without delaying the legal process of getting divorced.

Comprehensive and Experienced Representation for All Divorce Issues

North Metro Litigators offer comprehensive divorce representation as to all matters which intersect with the end of a marriage. We take a holistic view of the divorce process, knowing that no issue can be looked at in isolation. For example, child custody arrangements will impact child support calculations. Determining what happens with the shared marital home will factor into larger asset valuation and distribution questions. Concerns regarding parental fitness or past conduct can and should factor into visitation protocols.

Our experienced Alpharetta and Woodstock divorce lawyers work to achieve positive outcomes on all divorce-related issues, including:

Divorce Mediation

Child Custody

Child Support

Child Visitation and Parenting Time


Asset Valuation and Division

Same-Sex Divorce

Legal Separation

Sometimes, both spouses may agree that living together as a couple is no longer desirable, but that divorce is not an appealing option either because of financial, religious, or practical reasons, such as the loss of health insurance. Legal separation is often the right alternative to divorce in these situations. The spouses can work out the various issues between them like in a divorce but still retain the legal rights and privileges that come with being married.


Many people incorrectly think annulment is a divorce you can get if you’ve only been married a short time. But while a divorce is the end of a once-valid marriage, annulment is a declaration that the marriage was never valid to begin with. There are very specific and limited bases for obtaining an annulment in Georgia. Where those circumstances exist, our Woodstock divorce lawyers can guide clients through the process.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are legal contracts that couples enter into either prior to getting married (prenuptial) or after being wed (postnuptial). These contracts outline certain rights and responsibilities for each spouse in the event the marriage fails, including those pertaining to individual and joint assets, child custody, alimony, and other matters. Our divorce lawyers in Alpharetta and Woodstock negotiate, draft, and enforce pre- and postnuptial agreements between spouses, always ensuring that each individual’s interests are protected.

Your Divorce is Personal. Your Divorce Representation Should Be as Well.

They may not be found in statutes or court filings, but the emotions experienced during divorce are as unavoidable and impactful as the law. Your divorce lawyer needs to understand that divorce isn’t simply a matter of figuring out how much something is worth or what time your child will be picked up for visitation, as important as those issues are.

Your feelings and worries, questions and concerns are central to how your divorce should be handled. Our divorce lawyers at our Alpharetta and Woodstock locations will listen to your story so that we can fully appreciate how you see your circumstances before we tell you how we see your circumstances. That is how we can develop the approach best suited to addressing your concerns and achieving your goals.

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