Domestic violence is a serious matter.  No child or adult should ever be a victim.  If you are in a violent situation, you are not alone. In a new study released by the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Georgia has the 12th highest rate of women killed by men, Georgia reports over 1,300 deaths in the past decade as a result of domestic violence. Most violence continues to go unreported, with children being silent victims.

Unfortunately, some falsely claim that they are victims of domestic violence.  They do this to gain an advantage in a civil case such as a divorce or custody battle.  The attorneys at Hait & Kuhn vigorously defend the wrongfully accused.  Through protecting the innocent, true victims of domestic violence are able to bring their aggressors to justice.

If your current or ex-spouse or partner threatens to/does harm you, immediately call the police and file a report.  If there is proof of the altercation or threats, the police should remove the perpetrator for the night.  Immediately take pictures and videos of any marks the aggressor placed on you or your children.  As soon as you have established your safety, call our office to see if you qualify for a Family Violence Temporary Protective Order (12 months of protection).

Several court systems offer an administrative assistance program that allows you to complete the paperwork for no fee. If your protective order is granted, the perpetrator is required to stay away from you for 30 days.  At this point, you need a family law attorney to obtain the 12-month TPO.  If you have children, they are also protected under the protective order.

Once the TPO is granted, a court hearing will be held. Because the judge and legal aides are not authorized to help you present your case, you should not attend this hearing without attorney representation. If the TPO is dismissed, the aggressor typically goes on a rampage against the victim.

A person’s life may be changed forever by an event that begins with a simple argument between two spouses. Sadly, more and more people are becoming victims of domestic violence, and these altercations are becoming more and more common in the United States.  Both men and women are victims of domestic violence, and this has become a problem that must be taken seriously in this country.

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If someone is committing acts of domestic violence against you, get help now. The family law attorneys at North Metro Litigators represent both men and women who are victims of domestic violence. We also defend the wrongfully accused.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation.