When attending mediation in a divorce case, we highly advise AGAINST bringing your girlfriend or boyfriend. Today, we were mediating with Andy Flink, a very well renowned mediator in North Metro Atlanta.  My client arrived early for the mediation and was updating us on her personal status.  My soon to be divorced client (wife) continued updating my paralegal. I excused myself to get my briefcase out of the car. As I entered the parking lot, I looked to my right and noticed a man who looked like the Defendant/Husband. I thought to myself, “no- you are mistaken.”  This had to be a mistake because the man was holding a woman’s hand.  As I gathered my things out of my car, the man and woman, hand in hand, continued to approach my car.  My eyes because wide open and I rushed into my office to warn my devastated client that, yes, indeed, your lying cheating husband brought the paramour to mediation.


I quickly advised my client. My paralegal gasped. There is only one way to the mediation room- right past my office. My client stood up. Dignity in tact. Walked the hallway for a sip of water. The husband, paramour in hand, pranced his pony right passed my client.  No words.  No fists.  Whew- disaster adverted!

People- I should not have to tell you this.  Mediation is an informal process where you and the attorneys sit down and use a third party neutral to help the parties reach an agreement and settle the issues in their divorce. Such issues include: possession and payment of the marital home, child custody, child visitation and parenting time, division of assets, debts, alimony and other property division. Bringing the woman you are cheating with (a/k/a adultery) and prancing her past the soon-to-be-but-not-quite-yet ex wife IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.

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