Yes.  Yes you should tell your lawyer if you were arrested and/or investigated for murder. One of our associate attorneys was sitting in for a deposition for a client who was seriously injured in a car accident. Depositions are fairly standard and the attorney for the insurance company asks a series of fairly basic questions.  As the attorney is asking our client the standard background of questions, the associate, newly admitted to the bar, is diligently making notes. Suddenly, then note writing halts and she looks up. Question: Have you ever been arrested?  Answer: Yes.  Follow up question: For what? Answer: murdering my husband.

At this point, the associate starts to panic. Obviously murder is a serious crime and why was murder never previously mentioned? As it turns out, our client did not murder her husband- she was merely arrested for the murder. While this is an extreme example of things that happen, it is important to ALWAYS discuss life altering events with your attorney during the progress of your case.  Because we litigate personal injury, family law, bankruptcy and divorce cases, it is very important to give us all of the dirty details. If you are not sure if you should tell us, TELL US! Let us decide if the information is important. If you are arrested for murder, you might want to mention that during your initial free consultation. As always, we offer free initial consultations at our Woodstock and Alpharetta offices. If you are injured, we are happy to drive to you! Call today!