Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers Representing Victims Hurt in Accidents Involving Unsafe Lane Changes

Because trucks are longer and larger than other vehicles, truck drivers must ensure they are proactive in operating these large vehicles in a safe way. This means checking blindspots before changing lanes and appropriately signaling when they move to another lane. Unfortunately, some truck drivers fail to follow basic safety rules and proceed to change lanes without appropriate signals, by cutting off other drivers or switching lanes in a no-lane-change section of the road. When this happens, it is very common for serious or even fatal accidents to occur.

If you are the victim of a collision caused by a truck driver who made an unsafe lane change, an Alpharetta or Woodstock truck accident attorney at North Metro Litigators can protect your rights. Our firm is uniquely qualified to help victims of truck crashes caused by drivers who were negligent in changing lanes. Give us a call to discuss your case and to find out about the ways in which our legal team can help you to get the compensation you deserve following a truck crash.

Making a Claim for a Semi Truck Accident Resulting From an Unsafe Lane Change

Truck drivers and their employers can both be held legally liable for a collision in which crash victims can prove a trucker made an unsafe lane change. It is up to the victims of the truck accident to prove the driver was to blame. The trucking company could be held responsible if its own negligence contributed to the crash, but can also be liable for the careless actions of an on-duty driver who changed lanes in a negligent way.

Victims hurt by an unsafe lane change will need to make sure they can provide proof that the trucker was unreasonably careless in changing lanes or that the driver violated the rules-of-the-road when he moved over into a different lane. If the truck driver and trucking company accept responsibility, victims will still have to prove how badly they were hurt by the accident resulting from the unsafe lane change.

Having the right attorney allows victims to gather the necessary evidence, to be aggressive in negotiating a fair settlement with the driver and trucking company, and to be prepared to go to court if necessary.

North Metro Litigators is one of the few firms whose truck accident attorneys are truly experienced in the courtroom. We never outsource of truck accident claims to inexperienced attorneys either, as many law firms do. When you turn to our firm, you can rest assured your case is in the hands of our own attorneys who have unparalleled experience fighting for the rights of victims, including in a court of law.

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An attorney at North Metro Litigators will make pursuing your truck accident claim as simple and effective as possible when you have been hurt because a truck driver made an unsafe lane change. We will come to you if you’ve been badly hurt, we will keep you updated throughout your case, we will respond quickly when you need us, and we have the courtroom experience to see your case through to its conclusion.

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