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Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have become all too common on our roads. Although motorcycle drivers typically take many safety precautions, there are too many drivers who do not look for motorcycles when they are on the road. Sadly, when a motorcycle and a car or truck collide, the motorcycle and the motorcycle driver typically suffer much worse than the car or truck driver. These collisions are usually not the fault of the motorcyclist as statistics show us that of all of the collisions involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, 75% of the time, the passenger vehicle will be at fault resulting in the need for a personal injury lawyer.

There are cultural biases against motorcyclists, and insurance companies will try to use these stereotypes against you to deny you compensation you deserve. However, the truth of the matter is that motorcycle drivers are typically the safest drivers on the road. This is why it is essential to obtain a personal injury attorney who has experience with motorcycle accidents if you have been the victim in a collision like these.

Motorcycle accidents can result in severe and debilitating injuries, even more so than other automobile accidents. These injuries can bring about significant financial loss for the victim and the victim’s family. There may be unforeseen expenses such as medical bills for the treatment of your injuries as well as lost wages and income from not being able to work due to recovery and healing time.

There are many other cases where a motorcycle accident can lead to wrongful death. In these cases, the victim’s family members and loved ones will suffer a great emotional loss. In some situations, a wrongful death can lead to a financial loss as well for the family.

In many of these cases, you may be entitled to compensation. Although this form of payment can never truly repair the emotional, physical, and financial damages caused by the accident–particularly if it resulted in the death of a loved one–the compensation may ease much of the financial burden placed upon you.

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