Georgia Car Accident Law Firm Protecting the Rights of Hit and Run Victims Across Alpharetta and Woodstock 

Hit and run accidents create complications for victims. North Metro Litigators helps accident victims to overcome these complications and obtain compensation for collision injuries. Our car accident law firm represents both injured victims and family members of those killed in fatal hit and run accidents. Whether the driver who hurt you has been found or an accident investigation is still underway, we provide strategic legal advice appropriate to your situation to help you obtain full and fair compensation for losses.

Unlike firms that bring in outside attorneys and pay them small flat fees to represent collision victims, North Metro Litigators is a family firm and cases are handled by full-time attorneys. Our lawyers are experienced litigators, ready to go to court and fight for those hurt in a hit and run. We know what you’re going through, so we work hard to make the accident claims process as stress-free as possible for you.

With decades of collective experience – and personal knowledge of what it’s like to be involved in auto accidents – we understand what car accident victims need and we provide it. Our lawyers and staff are responsive – you can actually communicate with your attorney and not be restricted to speaking only to paralegals – and we can even come to you in the hospital if you’ve been badly hurt in a hit and run. Because of our personalized approach to handling cases, we get results for victims even in complicated hit and run claims. Speak to an Alpharetta or Woodstock car accident attorney today to learn more about your rights.

How North Metro Litigators Helps Hit and Run Accident Victims

Hit and run accidents are especially difficult because, by definition, the person who hit you fled the collision scene. Instead of exchanging insurance information and making a claim against the driver who hit you, you’re left without any idea of who is to blame for your accident. The police should conduct an investigation and may find the driver who caused the crash; North Metro Litigators can assist you throughout the post-accident process as police conduct their investigation. We work to ensure your rights are protected and obtain evidence necessary to make a claim if the hit and run driver is eventually found.

  • If the hit and run driver is discovered – Our attorneys will assist in negotiating an out-of-court settlement or in holding the driver accountable for their actions through a civil lawsuit decided by a judge or jury. Our firm has real-world courtroom experience; we are in court regularly and our strong litigation background ensures we will maximize your chance of proving the driver was at fault and liable to compensate you.
  • If the hit and run driver is never discovered – Our firm assists with identifying other parties who could be held accountable for injuries and provides help determining if your auto insurer will cover any costs associated with the accident. Georgia does not require drivers to purchase uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, which is coverage that protects you in case of a hit and run. If you purchased this optional coverage, your insurer will stand in for the hit and run driver and pay for losses the driver who fled the crash scene should have covered.

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North Metro Litigators will explore all possibilities for finding and holding the hit and run driver accountable and will carefully review all circumstances surrounding the crash to identify any person or company that should be made liable to compensate you if the driver is never discovered. Call us today at 770-517-0045 or contact us online to find out more about how our car accident law firm can help you obtain damages.