Experienced Litigators in Alpharetta, GA Committed to Protecting the Rights of Individuals Involved in Drunk Driving Accidents

There is nothing as devastating as becoming involved in a collision with a drunk driver, because DUI accidents are wholly preventable. Victims of drunk driving accidents deserve full and fair compensation from the intoxicated motorist who hurt them. North Metro Litigators represents victims of these accidents, as well as family members of people killed in drunk-driving crashes.

To obtain compensation, collision victims must prove the other motorist did something illegal or negligent that caused the crash. In a drunk driving case, victims can obtain toxicology reports and other evidence from the crash scene to prove intoxication and create the presumption the drunk driver was to blame. Often times, the drunk driver is issued a citation and incarcerated.

Because DUI accidents often cause serious or fatal injuries and because the culpability of the intoxicated driver is so clear, victims often times receive generous compensation to cover all losses. Getting the right legal help is essential to maximizing compensation. While some big law firms farm their cases out to contracted flat-fee lawyers who have no incentive to maximize damages, attorneys at North Metro Litigators handle all DUI accident cases personally and are 100 percent committed to getting you the money you deserve.

Our focus isn’t to simply resolve the claim quickly or to keep your case out of court, we hold a drunk motorist accountable for the damage that the intoxicated person has done to your life. Speak to a Woodstock or Alpharetta car accident attorney at our firm to learn how we can protect your rights.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You With a DUI Case

At North Metro Litigators, our attorneys will work closely with you throughout the post-accident process to obtain necessary evidence, including records of intoxication and police reports. With strong evidence, we have leverage to negotiate a generous settlement on your behalf with the insurer of the drunk driver. Also, if the drunk driver had low insurance limits, there are ways we can get additional compensation.

Our legal team is also prepared and ready to go to court if needed to get you the compensation you deserve. Unlike many personal injury attorneys who handle car accident claims in Alpharetta and throughout Georgia, we attend court regularly and are ready to help you make compelling arguments showcasing your right to compensation.

Drunk drivers sometimes do not slow down to mitigate a crash impact, and often engage in dangerous behaviors like crossing into opposing traffic or driving at excessive rates of speed. The impairment caused by intoxication makes these drivers careless, which makes DUI accidents more serious than many other crash types. The more severe the injuries, the more compensation victims should receive and the more vital it is to get proper legal help with a case that is aimed at obtaining full compensation for loss.

Our car accident attorneys understand what you are going through and are committed to obtaining a successful resolution for your case. We aim to help you prove your right to compensation and take steps to ensure that your entire settlement or the full amount of damages obtained in court is not immediately lost to paying medical bills for the injuries that the DUI accident caused. You should receive compensation for your pain, for emotional distress and for loss of wages – among other damages. Surviving family members of a person killed should receive lost companionship compensation, known as Loss of Consortium or sue for wrongful death. Let us help you obtain the justice you deserve!

Contact North Metro Litigators to Discuss Your Legal Options After a DUI Accident

Obtaining the full amount of money owed from a person who was driving drunk is challenging, but our firm helps you through the challenge. When you need an attorney who makes it easy to take legal action and who helps you hold drunk drivers accountable, turn to North Metro Litigators. To schedule a free consultation with a Woodstock or Alpharetta car accident attorney, call us today at 770-517-0045 or contact us online. For your convenience, we are available for evening and weekend appointments. If you are seriously injured, we can come to you.