Though adoptions may seem simpler than a personal injury case or a bankruptcy, there are still little nuances in the law that are useful to know beforehand and during the process.

A private, independent, or direct placement adoption is an adoption arranged between a birth family and an adoptive family without using a public agency.  Private adoption agencies and attorneys are able to assist adoptive parents in this type of adoption.

“Birth mother expenses” are a common point of discussion in adoptions, and it varies in adoptions across the United States so adoptive and birth parents often do not have the correct information.  Georgia is one of 31 States that disallows any person from offering, or any birth parent from accepting, a payment of money or anything of value in exchange for relinquishing the child for adoption.  Making a payment for anything beyond the expenses authorized under the law is not allowed.

A  lot of potential new parents do not realize that they are actually prohibited from paying “birth mother expenses” – unless they are payment or reimbursement directly related to the birth mother’s pregnancy and hospitalization for the birth of the child and medical care for the child him or herself, (UNLESS they are reasonable living and medical expenses paid through a licensed child-placing agency.)

While joyful, adoptions can also be stressful, and it always helps to have an attorney in your corner who knows what the law does, and does not require!