Is your house under water STILL from the crash of 2007? Are you stuck in an interest only first mortgage with a high interest rate second mortgage or equity line? Do you feel like you pay and pay and pay and there is no end? Have you tried to work it out with the bank to no avail?  Here at North Metro Litigators, we have experienced attorneys who can help you navigate the bankruptcy code. Many people have no idea that they can completely eliminate their second mortgage on a house that is “underwater.” If you owe more on your first mortgage than your home is worth, you may qualify to completely get rid of (i.e. “strip”) the second mortgage from your home.  We offer free initial consultations and can get you started on a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with as little as $399 down.  You can also use the protection of a Chapter 13 to save your car, motorcycle and other vacation homes. We have late night and weekend appointments in our Woodstock and Alpharetta Offices. You will be amazed how quickly the stress of losing your home goes away. There is no longer the negative stigma on people who file bankruptcy. The economy is still recovering.