Before you come to our offices, it will save everyone time if you can download and fill out the appropriate forms. We’ve got them all listed right here! Let’s help you figure out what forms you need. And remember, all information you give us is always kept in the utmost confidence.

When you come in for your free consultation, please fill out the appropriate form and bring it to your consultation.

The following two forms are required for all clients.

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Divorce Intake Forms

pdf_icon Divorce Intake

Bankruptcy Intake Forms

pdf_icon Bankruptcy Intake

Personal Injury Intake Forms

pdf_icon Auto Accident Intake

pdf_icon Slip and Fall Intake

Family Law Intake Forms

pdf_icon Family Court Modification Intake

pdf_icon Will/Estate Intake

pdf_icon Financial and Healthcare Power of Attorney Intake

pdf_icon Paternity/Legitimation Intake

pdf_icon Third Party Custody Intake

pdf_icon Adoption Intake

pdf_icon Contempt Intake

pdf_icon DFCS Intake

pdf_icon Temporary Protection Order Victim Intake

pdf_icon Temporary Protection Order Defense Intake


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Retained Client Forms

pdf_icon Retained Intake

pdf_icon Budget Information

pdf_icon Character Affidavits Instructions

pdf_icon Child Support Worksheet

pdf_icon Creating a Timeline

pdf_icon Debt Outline

pdf_icon Financial Worksheet

pdf_icon Parenting Seminar

pdf_icon Unsecured Debts



pdf_icon Disclosure Certificate

pdf_icon Required Client Documents

pdf_icon Bankruptcy Worksheet


Personal Injury

pdf_icon Employer Verification

pdf_icon HIPAA Release Authorization

pdf_icon Detailed Retained Intake


Family Law

pdf_icon Retained Family Law Intake

pdf_icon Budget Information

pdf_icon Character Affidavits Instructions and Worksheets

pdf_icon Child Support Worksheet

pdf_icon Financial Worksheet

pdf_icon Parenting Seminar

pdf_icon Unsecured Debts