Woodstock and Alpharetta Child Custody Lawyers to Compassionately Assist with Your Parental Alienation Claim

Parental alienation is a serious matter that can have serious legal and psychological consequences. The condition of “parental alienation syndrome” was first recognized in the 1980s; and, since then, psychologists, social workers and the Georgia courts have taken a serious interest in protecting children against the harmful effects of parental alienation. If you believe that your child’s other parent may be attempting to alienate you, we encourage you to speak with one of our Alpharetta or Woodstock child custody lawyers right away.

What is Considered Parental Alienation in Georgia?

Parental alienation involves one parent attempting to create emotional separation between the other parent and their child. It is, unfortunately, common both during and after divorces and separations. Oftentimes, one parent will make disparaging comments intended to create short-term feelings of ill will toward the other parent, not realizing the potential long-term emotional and psychological trauma that they may be inflicting on their child.

There are many different ways that parents can both subtly and overtly engage in parental alienation. While one or two overheard or off-handed comments are unlikely to rise to the level of parental alienation, repeated or systematic behavior can give rise to legal action against the alienating parent. Examples of alienating comments and behavior include things like:

  • Making false negative statements about the child’s other parent
  • Calling the child’s other parent mean or inappropriate names
  • Talking about the child’s other parent unfavorably
  • Telling the child that the other parent doesn’t love the child or doesn’t want to spend time with the child
  • Other attempts to manipulate the child’s feelings toward his or her other parent

What are the Signs of Parental Alienation?

If you are concerned that your current or former spouse or partner may be attempting to alienate you from your child, there are a number of common warning signs of which you should be aware. However, this list is not exclusive; and, if you are concerned for any reason, we urge you to speak with one of our Woodstock or Alpharetta child custody lawyers right away:

  • Your child won’t speak to you
  • Your child seems to be holding back information about what his or her other parent has said about you
  • Your child suddenly does not want to spend time with you
  • Your child has suddenly become argumentative or combative with you
  • Your child draws unfavorable comparisons between you and his or her other parent

Why Consult with a Lawyer in Cases of Parental Alienation?

While Georgia law does not recognize a specific cause of action for parental alienation, it can potentially impact divorces, separations, and custody matters in a variety of different ways. For example, engaging in parental alienation may allow you to seek additional custody rights during or after your divorce or separation. To learn what options you have available, schedule a free consultation at North Metro Litigators today.

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