Establishing and Modifying Child Support for Georgia Families 

Divorce can definitely be difficult for all parties involved. Often, divorce is hardest on the children. Child support is essential for many single parents. If the non-custodial parent is avoiding the responsibility of paying court-ordered child support, it can be extremely difficult on the other parent and the child. An Alpharetta child support attorney can help you determine the best solution for your family. North Metro Litigators today for a free consultation at our Alpharetta or Woodstock office. 

Mother and child completing child support forms.

How Child Support Is Determined in Georgia

There have been some changes in Georgia laws since 2007 regarding child support. Now, judges will look at different factors to determine the amount of child support that needs to be paid. Judges will look at the income of both parents, work-related daycare costs, the cost for providing healthcare coverage, the amount of parenting time each parent spends, etc.

Child support laws can be a source of confusion and conflict. When there is such conflict among the parents, our Alpharetta child support attorneys will always have the child’s best interest at hard. We offer child support enforcement services, and we will help parents to understand all of the legal matters that pertain to their particular situation.

A court will determine the amount of child support that is appropriate for each situation by paying attention to a number of factors, and this will help to ensure that single parents are protected. Child support is essential in most single-parent households as being a single parent can be incredibly difficult from a financial standpoint. Child support laws benefit single parents greatly when there has been a large amount of conflict in the divorce, but even when parents have parted ways peacefully, they are still necessary to protect both parents and children.

Georgia Laws on Child Support Modification

Once an initial child support order has been put into place, the paying parent is expected to comply with its terms. There are serious consequences associated with nonpayment of child support, including wage garnishment, seizure of tax returns, the potential loss of a driver’s license and more.

In some cases, the initial child support order must be adjusted. This could occur if there has been a material change in circumstances. If a child’s needs have increased and the costs of caring for a child have risen significantly, child support may need to be adjusted upward. If a paying parent’s income or necessary expenses have substantially increased and the ordered amount of support is no longer affordable, child support may need to be decreased.

Consulting with an Experienced Woodstock or Alpharetta Child Support Attorney is Your Best Option

A parent seeking either an increase or decrease in child support should talk with an experienced Alpharetta child support attorney for assistance in petitioning for child support modification. The parent who is seeking the adjustment will need to demonstrate that a material change in circumstances has occurred such that modification is actually justified.

North Metro Litigators can provide help making a compelling case that support must be adjusted upward or downward due to the child’s needs or the parent’s financial situation. Our goal is to maximize the chances of your request for modification being granted and the representation that we provide is tailored to your unique circumstances and family situation.

Child support is unlikely to be modified if there is evidence suggesting the paying parent is purposefully reducing his or her income for purposes of avoiding the payment of child support. Every child is entitled to receive support according to a set of standard guidelines. However, when support does need to be changed, it is imperative parents act quickly to avoid financial hardship either for the child or for the paying parent.

Getting an Alpharetta child support attorney involved early in the process helps parents to determine if their request for a support modification is likely to be granted and allows parents time to structure arguments for their preferred changes to child support.

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There are many reasons why child support laws are beneficial. North Metro Litigators are prepared to assist you with your child support needs, according to your individual situation. If you would like more information regarding child support in your situation, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Woodstock or Alpharetta child support attorney.