Woodstock Child Custody Lawyer Providing Advice to Parents After Separation or Divorce

Protecting your children and preserving your right to parent are of paramount importance during the divorce process. North Metro Litigators can provide the insight and advocacy necessary to fight for a custody arrangement that allows you to remain involved in your child’s life. A Woodstock child custody lawyer at our firm can explain how the custody process works, help you understand types of custody and work with you to secure a custody arrangement that is best for your children.

Our attorneys understand how stressful it is for your relationship with your children to be at risk because of a divorce or separation. We have decades of collective experience with divorce and custody proceedings and are among the few family lawyers who regularly go to court to fight on our client’s behalf.

We are prepared to help you do what it takes to get a custody arrangement that provides you the time and authority you need to raise your children the way you see fit. Give us a call today to find out more about how our experienced legal team can help.

What Does it Mean to Have Primary Custody in Georgia?

Understandably, most parents who are preparing to go through the divorce process want to ensure that they will continue to be able to spend as much time with their children as possible. As a result, at North Metro Litigators, our Woodstock child custody attorney frequently speaks with parents regarding primary custody.

While there are varying definitions of “primary custody,” typically, to have primary custody means to have physical custody of your children more than half of the time. For example, while joint physical custody is becoming more commonplace, it is still fairly common for one parent to have primary custody and the other to have visitation. With this type of arrangement, the children live with the parent who is the “primary custodian” the majority of the time, and they have regularly-scheduled visitation time with their other parent (i.e. every other weekend).

Even when one parent has primary physical custody, the parents will still often share legal custody rights. This ensures that both parents have a say in things like where their children go to school, in what activities they participate and whether they will be raised in a particular religion.

How Can I Make Sure I have Final Say with Regard to My Children Post-Divorce?

Of course, many divorced parents find joint decision-making to be a challenge. In many situations, both parents want to have the final say, and they don’t feel that it is necessary or appropriate to give in to their former spouse’s demands.

To help our clients avoid these types of issues, we focus on securing desirable legal custody rights during the divorce process. As we mentioned above, too often, legal custody gets overlooked in favor of focusing exclusively on physical custody and the parties’ post-divorce parenting time schedule. Our  Woodstock team or an Alpharetta child custody attorney can help you avoid this challenging – and often painful – mistake, and we can use our experience to ensure that you have the final say whenever possible.

The Role of a Judge in a Child Custody Case

There is one question – and one question only – that a Georgia judge needs to answer when deciding on custody and visitation arrangements:  what is for the best interest of the child and what will best promote the child’s welfare and happiness?

Of course, making that determination requires that the judge consider and weigh many factors, which are explicitly set forth in O.C.G.A § 19-9-3(a)(2). These include looking at the existing emotional ties between the child and each parent, the parents’ respective capacities to provide for the child’s emotional, practical, and financial needs, the mental and physical health of each parent, and many more, all of which are focused on determining what arrangements will give the child the best opportunities for a happy and healthy childhood.

Can a Woodstock Child Custody Lawyer Help Modify Our Custody Arrangement After Our Divorce?

What happens if it turns out that you aren’t happy with the type of custody arrangement the judge selected or you chose during your divorce ? Or, what if your spouse doesn’t think through all of the various issues involved and agrees to a parenting time schedule that he or she can’t keep? While it is possible to modify child custody in certain situations, there is generally a two-year waiting period for doing so, and the judge isn’t going to look kindly on your (or your spouse’s) request if it is the result of an error or oversight during the divorce process.

With this in mind, you need to think very carefully about the types of custody you want to pursue, and you need to execute a strategic plan with the help of an experienced child custody attorney. At North Metro Litigators, our Woodstock child custody attorney has decades of combined experience helping clients secure their desired custody rights, and we can use our experience to help you secure physical and legal custody rights that achieve your goals while also protecting your children’s best interests.

Get Help Today From  Woodstock Child Custody Attorneys

A lawyer at North Metro Litigators can help you to fight for the right arrangement for your child on all types of custody. We can help you to negotiate a parenting plan and agreement on legal custody outside of court or can represent you in family court to convince a judge to select your preferred custody plan. To find out about how our legal team can advocate for you as you fight to remain a strong presence in your child’s life after a divorce, give our Woodstock office a call today.