When a Long-Term Marriage Ends, Our Georgia Divorce Lawyers Can Help Ease the Process

According to data from The Wall Street Journal, while the overall divorce rate has declined in recent years, the divorce rate among older adults is on the rise. So, if you are considering a divorce from a long-term marriage, you are not alone. But, you also have several issues to consider – including many issues that become more important as you age. It will be important for you to work with one of our experienced Woodstock or Alpharetta divorce lawyers at each step along the way.

Fundamentally, getting divorced after a decade or more of marriage is no different from getting divorced under any other circumstances. The overall process is the same, you have the same options for resolving disputes with your spouse, and you will have a new lease on life once the process is over. However, from calculating alimony to protecting your retirement savings, getting divorced from a long-term marriage presents some special considerations, and you must address each of these considerations carefully in order to preserve your standard of living now and in the future.

6 Key Issues Involved in Getting Divorced Following a Long-Term Marriage

What kinds of considerations are we talking about? In order to determine what is necessary to protect your finances and property rights in your divorce, you will need to sit down with one of our Alpharetta divorce lawyers and discuss your situation one-on-one. Everyone’s situation is different, and spouses who have been married for a long time often have unique (and complex) family and financial circumstances.

Generally speaking, however, the types of issues that our Alpharetta and Woodstock divorce lawyers discuss with long-term spouses include:

  • Pensions – A pension can be your lifeline in retirement. Pensions are subject to division in a divorce, and protecting your pension benefits can be a crucial part of the process.
  • IRAs and 401(k)s – The same is true with regard to IRAs and 401(k)s. As a general rule, both spouses have an equal claim to retirement assets accumulated during their marriage. However, this does not necessarily mean that these (or any other assets) will be split 50-50.
  • Social Security – The U.S. Social Security Administration has special rules for dealing with benefits in a divorce. Our attorneys are familiar with these rules and can help you apply them to your personal circumstances.
  • Alimony – Duration of marriage is one of the seven primary factors that influences the calculation of alimony payments in Georgia.
  • Real Estate – Similar to retirement assets, both spouses have a claim to real estate assets acquired during their marriage (even if the title says otherwise), and they must apply Georgia’s “equitable distribution” principles to determine the specific share to which each spouse is entitled.
  • Other Sizable Assets – Vehicles, boats, collections, jewelry, investments, and other high-value assets require special attention during the divorce process as well.

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