For the month of May, we have cases appearing before the Judges listed below.  As you can see, we have multiple appearances for car wrecks and other personal injury matters, bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) and family law cases (such as divorce, child custody, child support and contempt). It is important to hire a firm with regular and frequent contact with the court system. Each court is very different and we know how to navigate the legal system.  We keep cases moving so that you can move on with your personal life.

Federal Court:

  • Honorable Barbara Ellis-Monro
  • Honorable Paul W. Bonapfel
  • Honorable Margaret E. Murphy
  • Honorable Wendy Hagenau
  • Honorable James R. Sacca

Fulton County Superior Court:

  • Honorable Jane Barwick
  • Honorable Doris Downs
  • Honorable Bensonetta Tipton Lane
  • Honorable Sally Cannon

Cobb County Superior Court

  • Honorable George Kreeger
  • Honorable S. Lark Ingram
  • Honorable Stephen Schuster
  • Honorable Mary E. Staley
  • Honorable Reuben M. Green

Cherokee County Superior Court

  • Honorable N. Jackson Harris
  • Honorable Ellen McElyea
  • Honorable David Cannon, Jr.

Forsyth County Superior Court

  • Honorable David L. Dickinson

Gwinnett County Superior Court

  • Honorable Melodie Snell Connor

Coweta Superior Court

  • Honorable Emory Palmer

Cherokee County Juvenile Court

  • Honorable John B. Sumner

Forsyth County Juvenile Court

  • Honorable J. Russell Jackson