It is actually illegal in Georgia to be an ambulance chaser (a/k/a a “runner”). These are people paid by the big firms to harass you in the hospital or at the scene of your car wreck, car crash, motorcycle crash or collision with a tractor trailer. These people are like mosquitoes. They smell blood and they flock. If you are contacted directly by an attorney or someone working for the attorney within thirty days of your injury, wreck, crash or collision, call the Georgia Bar and report the person. Regular ordinary people like you help keep the scum out of our profession.  Runners can be regular people, EMTs, police offers and other people that appear trust worthy.

So what’s the big deal if a runner or ambulance chaser contacts you? First, you should be worried about healing and taking care of you and/or your injured children. You do not need to be harassed by these people who make promises to the moon and back. Secondly, most of these runners are employed by THE BIG FIRMS.  So? Who cares? You will if you get sucked in. Those big personal injury firms pay lots of money for advertisement. They usually settle your case for less than value, and you can almost NEVER speak to your attorney on the phone. In fact, you would not recognize your attorney if she was behind you in a grocery store.

Clients are people. They are not dollar signs. They should be able to reach their attorney on the phone or through an email. If you have a question, it should be answered immediately. If you are having difficulty with your treating doctor, chiropractor or surgeon, you should hire an attorney that has a network of providers so that you can get the personal respect and treatment needed.  Be more than a dollar sign. Choose Hait & Kuhn.

We have late night and weekend appointments available in both our Woodstock and Alpharetta Offices. If your car or bike was totaled in your accident or crash, we will drive to you.